Croatian Radiospecial 18-12-2015 on TVNR and Fata Morgana

Because I have some followers from abroad, not being able to read all my Dutch blogs, I proudly pronounce the upcoming event on the 18th December 2015:
The Croatia special in my program “De Rest van het Avontuur”: 20.00 – 23.00  on TVNR and Fata Morgana.

As I still have strong feelings for the litlle but GREAT country Croatia and loving the Croatian music, I would like to share that love with you.

Some people maybe know I had a Croatian radiostation for some years: “CroatiaHrvatska Internet Radio”. It was very popular in these years but personal problems needed me to quit with that.
But the music wil stay alive! In my heart… But now, in this event, again on the radio!

Please be welcome to listen and if you like share your thoughts on the chat of TVNR.
(Choose a name, password not needed!)
In the chat channel I will be visible on live webcam!

This will be a ONE TIME ONLY event, so if you like the Croatian music…
Or if you like to get some Croatian musical feelings for the first time…
And hear some of my personal thoughts about Croatia… (will be in Dutch…)
Be welcome and listen to the music, coming friday the 18th! 🙂

The photogallery below is just a little part of the artists being played in the program.

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